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Archives: March 2022

Oil and Gas Prices on the Rise: How It Changes Real Estate

Key Takeaways: Oil and gas prices are the highest in United States history! Individuals and families are shifting how they think about housing, from suburban versus urban to downsizing or going multigenerational. It’s critical to work with an agent who understands the right fit for you and your family. Record-high oil and gas prices are […]

The Top 5 Signs You’re Ready to Stop Renting and Buy Your First Home

Key Takeaways: Buying your first home is a big step, but it’s easy to know when you’re ready Evaluate your entire financial picture, including how much rent is costing you You can count on us: we’re here to help you transition into homeownership!  To Buy, Or Not to Buy? Here’s the Answer Timing, as they […]

Home Sellers: When Should You Reduce Your Listing Price?

Key Takeaways Even in a seller’s market, you may still need to reduce your price Consider if you’ve tried everything else before a price reduction Make sure to seek the advice of your trusted realtor–we’ve seen it all before! Even in a competitive seller’s market like the one we’re in right now, listing your home […]