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Rockin Realtor Recipes, Let’s Cook!

Facebook Cover photo 1Over the years I have learned more and more that I love to cook.   When I have been sharing my recipes on Facebook and with friends, they all want the recipes and appreciate techniques I have learned.   I actually make some into a mailing through my real estate business.   It allows me to stay in contact with clients and share something hopefully they can keep to use.

I find it very relaxing to cook and create a meal.  Now, that is different than baking for me.  I could never understand why I loved cooking but baking overall did not catch with me.  The difference is cooking is forgiving with ingredients and you don’t have to be so strick on measurements, where baking if you put too much or less into a recipe, it can be be a total fail…..  Don’t get me wrong with thinking I don’t measure but I can tell a teaspoon, or cup overall so tend to not measure as much when I know the recipe.   Or maybe I want more spice or flavor than I know the recipe calls for.  I find it relaxing to cook and create, especially after a long day.   When you don’t make it so “obligated” and ensure the people you are feeding will open their minds a bit to try things, you can enjoy it.   Or know their likes/dislikes, what you can push the envelope with, and especially know any dietary restrictions.   During my last 2 years of gearing up on the cooking, I was more inspired to cook more lactose intolerant.   I apparently have an allergy to butters and lactose items.   I probably had this, looking back, all my life but it wasn’t so strong.   Now that I have learned what I can have, cannot have, or should be ok in small doses, I feel more in control.   I do take a pill every day to help digest for when I do have some.   That kicked off how much additives and preservatives are in foods we buy at the store when we don’t cook them.   I feel so much better and can control more of my diet on a daily basis to keep my waistline down as the age keeps tallying up :)..

They key with cooking is to have fun with it and enjoy it.  You will have those epic fails as even professional chefs do at times, but learn from them as you do in life lessons and move on easier.   Other times you will know you want to step it up on a recipe and you can do that as you grow.

In this blog, I plan to share recipes, wines, techniques, and my journey so others can find their niche in these categories.   I hope you enjoy…

Stefanie, Your ROCKIN Realtor with Recipes

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